Why TechWhiz Media?

TechWhiz Media was founded with the goal of helping to build and grow the online influences of brands and small businesses. We do this by forming and executing on a holistic content and content marketing strategy to attract new customers and subscribers while still providing relevant content to existing ones. We also want to make you feel empowered during this process as well because, after all, no one knows you or your audience like you do! You’ll walk away with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to continue on long term, with us included as much or as little as you need.

Our Process

Our typical approach is to first help you establish the foundation of your online presence with an optimized, responsive website. It’s important to build this “home base” for your brand because a website will give you unmatched insight into important data that can help drive your marketing strategy.

Once you have a website you’re happy with, we’d then look to come up with the best content and content marketing strategies that suit the goals of your brand. We will work very closely with you to determine the best mix of written, visual, and digital media content such as video, live streaming, and even podcasting that we’d help you create. By finding the right mix of content creation, you’ll be able to maintain a steady flow of pillar and micro content to fuel your content marketing strategy to attract new customers and subscribers while providing fresh, relevant content to your existing ones.

With a website and steady flow of pillar and micro content, we have what we need to formulate a content and digital marketing strategy. We can will help convert your content viewers to customers and subscribers by targeting it to those who will be interested in it and providing value. We would also work with you to determine if targeted social media ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram would be beneficial, then of course, help you execute on that as well.

Our Community Commitment

The main ethos of our company is to help grow local brands and small businesses – empowering them along the way. We wanted to reflect this in our own community as well, so beginning in 2024, 20% of all web design and content strategy revenue will be donated back to our community – 10% going to Ridgewood Church and 10% going to the West View Community Association.


Can I buy your services a la carte?

Yes, of course. If you want all of our services or just one or a piece of one, just reach out via our contact form or directly via phone/email and we’ll work something out. We also have hourly consultation rates if you’re just looking for some help or guidance.

I have a Facebook Page, so do I really need a website?

Absolutely! While social media pages and accounts are a great complement to a website, it can’t take the place of it. Reason being that you want your website to serve as the foundation of your brand or company to solidify your authority in your niche. It can also serve as an opportunity for monetization as well – we’ll be happy to work with you on this too!

Can you help manage my social media accounts?

Yes. We can help manage your social media accounts, but we’d prefer to consult with you so that you become comfortable to eventually manage your own accounts to engage directly with your customers and subscribers.

What types of videos do you create?

The type of video that we would film will of course depend on your brand or your business. That said, the types that we would create for you include:

  • Product videos
  • Ad videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Event videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Informational/educational videos
  • YouTube videos
  • And more
Can you help me build a YouTube channel or Twitch stream?

Yes. YouTube and Twitch are two of the platforms we’re most pationate about. We can help with batch YouTube video production or live stream setup to get you up and running!

Let's Work Together

We'd love to work with you on your website, content creation, and digital marketing! Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate to learn more how we can help you while keeping you on budget!

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